• Revolutionary New Drumming Entertainment in Tokyo -MANGEKYO-

    Revolutionary New Drumming Entertainment
    in Tokyo -MANGEKYO-


    From May 19 (Sat) to June 20 (Wed) /
    Sept. 1 (Sat) to Sept.30 (Sun), 2018
    *140 performances in total

    Performer information

    It is a group of wadaiko that is admired in the world as “The Japanese entertainment” for non-verbal entertainment at the top level in Japan. The group has been seen by seven million spectators in 500 cities in 24 countries around the world.
    In 2015, the production team, which was nominated in four (4) divisions of Broadway Tony Award, gathered again, and in 2016, the group obtained a great success in an Off Broadway public performance in New York City. Currently, the activities of DRUM TAO are attracting attention around the world, and are noted in the media too.


  • アラタ~ALATA~


    An action-packed, time-traveling performance
    that unfolds in Tokyo during the year 2020!

    Friday, July 7 - 
    Saturday, December 23, 2017


    The year is 2020. The population of Tokyo has passed 10 million.
    Among the residents appears a samurai named Alata,
    a shogun from the Sengoku Era of the 1500s who has time-traveled to the present day.
    One night in Ginza, Alata meets a woman named Kokoro, and thus begins the strange journey of Alata,
    a samurai unaware of how the present day world works, and Kokoro, a woman who has no fondness for old traditions.