Hiding between the neon lights of Tokyo is a mysterious ninja group silently waiting for the taiko drum’s signal…

Their name?
The Omotenashi Entertainment Group

Hundreds of years ago, they flew in the sky, threw shurikens, and disappeared into smoke…
Those ninjas would surprise enemies with their CRAZY skills.
Now, those ninjas have returned to TOKYO’s Yurakucho.

Without any enemies to battle in the present day,
the ninjas have developed new skills to entertain onlookers.
They’ve replaced their katana swords with Japanese umbrellas,
can control bombs in the palm of their hands, and have even learned the art of comedy.
These exciting, unpredictable ninjas will welcome Alternative Theatre visitors
with tried and true Japanese omotenashi!

As long as there are audiences to entertain, their omotenashi knows no bounds.