商号 株式会社スタジオアルタ
所在地 東京都新宿区新宿3丁目24番3号
事務所 東京都中央区日本橋室町1丁目9番15号 千切屋ビル9F
設立 昭和55年3月26日
営業開始 昭和55年4月1日
  • コマーシャル、アルタビジョンCM放映クライアント募集、番組制作、映画、演劇、演芸、ファッションショー、
  • 広告代理業
  • 上記に付帯し関連する一切の業務
資本金 1億円
決算期 3月
株主 株式会社 三越伊勢丹

Japan’s Broadway, Yurakucho.

Nichigeki’s Dancing Team performing Prince Igor.(写真提供:朝日新聞社)

Yurakucho, also known as Japan’s broadway, is one of the world’s leading entertainment stops. The history of this area reaches back to 1908 when Japan’s first western style theater Yurakuza (later renamed to Hogakuza) opened, which led to even more theaters opening up, including the Imperial Theatre and Hibiya Movie Theater. And in 1933, Nichigeki opened in the area that is now where Yurakucho Mullion stands, helping Yurakucho grow into an even larger entertainment city. Nichigeki, however, had to close its doors in 1981 due to the building growing old and was replaced with Yurakucho Mullion. Alternative Theatre hopes to bring Yurakucho back to its golden era and spur a new era of high quality entertainment.

The 2016 Problem

As the 2020 Tokyo Olympics approach, one of the largest problems Japan must face is the lack of usable entertainment venues.
As one of the first venues to open up in reaction to the 2016 problem, Alternative Theatre is quickly gaining the attention of people all around Japan and the world.