Alternative Theatre

From Yurakucho to the World.
A state-of-the-art venue home to a new style of entertainment
never experienced before.

Studio Alta's brand new, state-of-the-art entertainment venue Alternative Theatre will open this July in Yurakucho, an area also known as Japan's Broadway. Here, visitors from all countries will be able to enjoy language-free non-verbal entertainment, featuring a theater-exclusive fly system and top-of-the-line LED system for exciting visuals on the walls and the roof. From the moment they enter the venue until the moment they leave, visitors are treated to playful performances that will undoubtedly lead to an unforgettable experience that is not available anywhere else.
The name Alternative Theatre comes straight from the Studio Alta company name, referring to the company's focus on creating unique and interesting content. People now have an exciting new option when it comes to experiencing Japanese entertainment.

  • Alternative Theatre Ceiling LED

    See. Listen. Be blown away.
    A performance that will move you unlike any other.

    Lining the ceiling of the theater are a plethora of LED lights that play colorful videos. The theater also features a programming system that allows for amazing light and sound collaborations as well as a fly system that gives performers the ability to fly around the interior. These systems, plus many more, all come together to create a theatrical experience unlike anything else.

  • Alternative Theatre Stage setting

    Feel the excitement in the air with your own hands!

    Depending on the performance, Alternative Theatre can seat anywhere from 410 to 462 people. The interior of the theater has been designed to be not too big and not too small, allowing for an ideal view of the stage from any seat. There is also a mobile catwalk so performers can entertain audiences from all different angles.

  • Alternative Theatre Lobby

    From the moment you enter, you’ll be welcomed with Japanese omotenashi, the ultimate form of hospitality.

    Beyond the normal theater staff, awaiting your arrival at Alternative Theatre will be Studio Alta’s original omotenashi group, CRAZY TOKYO. The group members will keep you smiling from the moment you enter until you the moment you leave with exciting performances as well as special photography chances so you can take your Alternative Theatre memories home with you.


    First and foremost: brand-new original performances!

    The performances that will take place inside of Alternative Theatre will all be Studio Alta original works. The performances have all been built from the ground up specifically to use the theater’s state-of-the-art technology to its fullest potential. One of Studio Alta’s ultimate goals is to create world-class entertainment that could eventually be implemented in entertainment capitals around the world like Las Vegas.


Name Alternative Theatre
Address Yurakucho Mullion (Yurakucho Center Bldg) 7F, 2-5-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
Total Floor Space Approx. 1,098²
Opening July 7, 2017
Capacity 410 seats
Public Transportation Access 3-minute walk from the central exit / Ginza exit of Yurakucho station on the JR Yamanote line

3-minute walk from the D8 exit of Yurakucho station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line

1-minute walk from the C4 exit of Ginza station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza / Hibiya / Marunouchi lines

Direct connection to the A0 exit of Hibiya station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya / Chiyoda / Toei Subway Mita lines